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LESCO is the main company that gives electricity to Lahore and nearby areas in Pakistan. They started in 1998 and now serve over 4.5 million customers in a big area. Their job is to make sure everyone gets electricity reliably and at a fair price. They handle everything from sending bills to fixing power lines.

LESCO Bill Online | LESCO Duplicate Bill

Additionally, they work to stop people from stealing electricity. For the customer’s comfort, the company offers online bill checking and payment options to make the billing process easier. It’s also important to be aware of peak electricity usage times to avoid higher bills. By using energy-efficient appliances and practices, you can save on your electricity costs. 

LESCO covers different regions and has many smaller divisions to manage its work better. They’re committed to providing good electricity service to everyone they serve.

How to Check Your LESCO Bill Online

To see your LESCO duplicate bill online, you need to give your reference number. This number has 4 parts: your batch number, sub-division number, reference number, and RU code. Once you enter this number and click ‘Submit’, your current bill will show up on the screen.

  • Using Reference Number

If you want to use a reference number, just enter the 15-digit code that is at the top of your electricity bill. Then, click the submit button, and the system will show you your duplicate bill

  • Using Customer ID

To get a copy of your electricity bill, all you need to do is enter your 7-digit Consumer ID. You can find this ID number at the top of your regular electricity bill.

Locating the Reference Number or Customer ID on Your LESCO Bill

To find your LESCO bill’s reference number or customer ID:

Check Old Bills: Look at your previous electricity bills. The number is usually in the top corners.

Use The LESCO Website: Go to the LESCO website, click “View Bill,” and enter your details to find your account information.

Visit a LESCO Office: If you can’t find the number, go to a LESCO office with your ID card or bill copy. They will help you find it.


Having your reference number or customer ID is important for checking your bill and making payments online.

How to Print or Obtain a Duplicate LESCO Bill Online

You can easily avoid fees by checking your bill online. If you want a paper copy, you can see your bill details online. Then, you can view and print your current electricity bill directly from your web browser. 

Just download it as a PDF and print it later using the print option in your PDF viewer (Ctrl + P). You can pay this bill at any place that accepts electricity bills. This includes banks, small shops like Omni and Easy Pace, and Nadra eSahulat centres.

Online Payment Methods for LESCO Bills

In Pakistan, people have different ways to pay their electricity bills. However, you can pick the method that works best for you. There are different payment methods like credit/debit cards, mobile wallets, or online banking to pay your bills.

  • Via Bank

To pay your electricity bill, you can go to any bank that accepts the payments. At the bank, you can give the money to the teller to pay the bill. You can use cash, a cheque, or online banking to make the payment.

  • Using ATM

You can visit designated ATMs of selected banks to make your electricity bill payment.

  • Through Easypaisa or JazzCash

You can use mobile wallet apps like EasyPaisa or JazzCash to pay your electricity bill. All you need to do is enter your reference number and the bill amount in the app.

  • At Customer Service Centers

You can go to their customer service centre and pay your bill in cash, by cheque, or by debit/credit card.

  • With Mobile Banking

You can also access your bank’s mobile app and use the online bill payment feature to settle your electricity bill.

Overview of Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO)

LESCO is the company that provides electricity to the city of Lahore and nearby areas in Pakistan. they started in 1998 after Pakistan changed how electricity is provided. They now serve more than 4.5 million customers in an area of about 30,000 square kilometers.

LESCO’s goal is to provide reliable and affordable electricity. The company works to keep the power supply steady and to make its electricity network work better and be more reliable. They do this by using new technology and building better infrastructure.

Main Responsibilities of LESCO

  1. Electricity Distribution

They provide electricity to many different customers, such as houses, businesses, factories, and farms. They make sure that everyone they serve has a reliable and steady supply of electricity.

  1. Billing & Customer Services

They also take care of all the billing and customer service tasks. This includes reading electricity meters, making bills, and helping customers with questions or complaints about their electricity use and bills.

  1. Infrastructure Maintenance

They are responsible for keeping and improving the electricity system in the areas they serve. This includes taking care of power lines, substations, and other equipment to ensure a steady and efficient electricity supply.

  1. Power Theft Prevention

They deal with problems like people stealing electricity or making illegal connections, which are common in developing areas. The company works to stop these issues and encourage people to use electricity legally.

Regions Covered by LESCO

LESCO provides electricity to Lahore and the areas around it. If you live in any of these areas, LESCO is the company that supplies power to your home:


LESCO Operational Circles

LESCO is a company that works over a large area in the Punjab province. To manage its operations better, It has divided its work into 8 circle areas and more than 100 smaller divisions.

This helps company run its business more effectively across the large region it covers.

Circle NoCircle NameDivisionSub-Divison
1North Lahore Circle528
2Central Lahore Circle531
3Eastern Lahore Circle423
4Okara Circle423
5South-Eastern Lahore Circle426
6Sheikhupura Circle418
7Kasur Circle530
8Nankana Circle416

LESCO Bill Peak Hours

It’s a good idea to use less electricity during the peak hours when the prices are the highest. Using a lot of electricity during these times can lead to a much higher electricity bill. The peak hours that you should be aware of are:

MonthsPeak TimingOff-Peak Timing
Dec to Feb5 PM to 9 PMRemaining 20 hours
Mar to May6 PM to 10 PMRemaining 18 hours
Jun to Aug7 PM to 11 PMRemaining 17 hours
Sep to Nov6 PM to 10 PMRemaining 18 hours

Viewing the LESCO Load Shedding Schedule Online

The power outage schedule is very important for planning during times when the electricity is turned off. You can access this schedule by visiting the website http://www.lesco.gov.pk/ShutdownSchedule. It’s a good idea to check the schedule regularly because it may change. Staying up-to-date with the schedule will help you organise your day and prepare for any power cuts in your local area.

SMS Services Offered by LESCO

LESCO provides a free SMS (text message) service to keep you updated about your electricity supply and billing. Signing up for this service is easy. Just go to the SMS registration page on their official website. 

On that page, select your preferred way to receive the updates, which can be email, SMS, or both. Then, enter your 7-digit Consumer ID, your mobile phone number, and your email address. After filling in this information, click the submit button to complete the sign-up process.

Taxes Included in LESCO Bills

Electricity bills have different charges and taxes, each with a specific purpose.

The FPA is a charge to cover changes in fuel prices for power companies that make electricity from things like crude oil. The government puts this charge in place to keep these price changes stable. They include an average FPA amount in your bill to cover their losses from these fuel price changes. So, the FPA amount on your bill may change based on fuel prices.

  • Financing Cost Surcharge (F.C. Surcharge):

The F.C. Surcharge is 43 Paisa per unit of electricity you use. You can calculate your F.C. surcharge by multiplying your total electricity usage (in units) by 0.43. For example, if you used 200 units, your F.C. surcharge would be 200 x 0.43 = Rs. 86.

  • TV Fee:

There is an extra fixed charge of Rs. 35 on your electricity bill to support Pakistan Television (PTV).

  • Quarterly Tariff Adjustment (QTA):

This adjustment happens every three months and changes the electricity tariffs. It happens four times a year.

  • General Sales Tax (GST):

The ‘GST’ on your electricity bill is the General Sales Tax, which is 17% of the electricity cost.

  • Tariff Rationalization Surcharge (TR Surcharge):

The TR Surcharge is used to balance differences between the government’s and NEPRA’s electricity tariffs. If the government owes a discount, it has to pay. If the difference is negative, they will pay the government an “Inter DISCO Tariff Rationalization Surcharge.”

  • Electricity Duty:

The Electricity Duty is a charge that LESCO collects for the government.

Energy-Saving Tips to Lower Your LESCO Bill

Controlling your LESCO bill and using less electricity is key to good resource management. So, Start by using energy-saving appliances. These use less electricity, so you will use and pay for less electricity overall. Be sure to turn off lights and unplug devices when not in use. This prevents unnecessary electricity use.

Also, try to use less electricity during peak times of day when the rates are higher. Regularly maintaining your electrical devices will help them work efficiently and use less energy. By doing these things, you can save a lot on your electricity bill.

LESCO Customer Helpline

If you need help or have any questions, you can call the LESCO helpline at 118 or send an SMS to 8118. For complaints, you can use the following numbers:

  • For General Inquiries, call 0320-0520022.
  • For Assistance, call 0320-0520210.
  • For Urgent Matters, call 0320-0580432.

If you need to correct your electricity bill or request instalments, you should contact the Superintendent Engineer in your area:

Circle NameContact Number
Okara circle0320-0521400
Kasur Circle0320-0521700
Sheikhupura Circle0320-0521600
Southern Lahore Circle0320-0521500
Eastern Lahore Circle0320-0521300
Central Lahore Circle0320-0521200
Northern Lahore Circle0320-0521100
Nankana Circle0320-0521800

Final Words!

LESCO’s online bill check service makes it easy for consumers to check their electricity bills. This is convenient, as it helps people plan their money better. Using this digital tool improves the overall experience for customers and fits the trend of using technology for utility services. As society becomes more digital, using these kinds of solutions benefits both customers and the service provider.


Go to the LESCO website, then enter either your Bill Reference Number or Consumer ID to see if your bill has been paid.

To report a wrong meter reading, send a message with your Bill Reference number, name, and the issue to 8118, or call 118 for quick assistance.

To find out how much you owe Lesco, you can go to their website and use the online bill calculator. The website will ask you for usage units, and then it will show you the total amount you have to pay